Smaller format


Have you ever tried to do a page in an other size than 12*12?

One popular format is 8,5*11. And I have tried it a few times before… but I think it is a bit small. Not enough room for embellishments… 😀

This week I had two extra photos that I didn’t want to make a 12*12 page with… I didn’t feel I had a story to go with the photos, I just wanted them to stand out a bit from the PL-pages. So I decided to try 8,5*11 again. And it was fun! Much quicker!!!!!

The first page is a mix of a lot of different collections. I really love to work like this… mix and match! I only have one real summer collection… and I haven’t used much of it. We don’t really have summer in Sweden. 😛

The second layout is with the popular flamingo! It’s a very pretty bird… and it’s pink… just like my girl! I matched the flamingos with a pink swan, just to make the pink more important than the sort of bird. We don’t have any wild flamingos here… and I have no photos of any! But you can make it work anyway! 😀 That’s it from me today! Hope you liked my layouts! And I hope you try this smaller format too!



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