It’s been a while!


Wow, I haven’t written anything here for a while now! So so so sorry!
I’ve been busy, and also ill. But I have been scrapping a lot. I’ve done some project life, some layouts and some other projects. I can share them here later!

The best Christmas collection for 2016, wasn’t so Christmassy… more Winter. But it came from Crate Paper and I bought it all and used almost everything. Think I have 2 or 3 papers left. It’s such a nice feeling when you find a collection that really suits your life and photos. I only wish I had more! 😀

So here is one PL-page from my album. There is a layout that goes with this page… but that one is not done yet!

Ida Rosberg - Crate Paper

Ida Rosberg - Crate Paper

That bear! Love it! Sooo cute!

Ida Rosberg - Crate Paper

That’s it from me for this time! A short little post!



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