Layout with matching PL page


I really really like the band Suede! I was in love with Brett Anderson when I was a teenager. And as you know… you never forget your first crush!

So… this summer… when they came to Stockholm… I was there!

I saw Suede for the first time this summer! It’s been almost 20 years since I bought my first Suede CD. Crazy! The concert was worth the wait and the night was magic! Loved every single second of it and came sooo close to my dear Brett!

And I made a layout and a PL page about the concert. Not much text at all… just the setlist. I need to go back and write everything about it. I often match layouts with pocket pages. It’s perfect when you have a lot of photos. Sometimes I even use the same photos on the layout and in the pockets. That’s because I think of layouts more like a pretty thing and the pocket pages as a memory.

For this layout I wanted to do something simple and cool. I digged out things from almost all my boxes. This is a mix of several brands and collections. Love to work like that!

Ida Rosberg Ida Rosberg Ida Rosberg

Ida Rosberg Ida Rosberg Ida RosbergThat’s it from me today!



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