Use scrap paper – part 3


More PL pages made with scrap papers and decorations from different collections! It’s so fun to use up the stash! Feels so good, especially when I know that there are new collections on their way! I want to be able to buy a lot of new stuff without feeling guilty! 😀

Here I focused on pink. Pink papers from different brands and collections. I try to match white base with white and cream base with cream. Easier that way. Some decorations and papers has no base at all… they are very easy to mix in!

When I have a complete spread to make I often try to use some decorations on both pages (if I have two of something!). 😀

Ida Rosberg Ida Rosberg Ida Rosberg

More pink! And here I used the tag that came with a toy mouse my daughter got as a gift. A very cute little tag! I need to remember to save more tags and memorabilia…

Ida Rosberg Ida Rosberg Ida Rosberg

Hope you like my spread!

Use some scraps and don’t forget to save some memorabilia!



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