Use your stash 2

Hi again!

I’m working hard with my PL album and my first album for 2016 is already full! I need to buy another one and I hope the rest of the year will fit in just one album. 😀

This page is from Easter this year. We had an egg hunt in the garden! Stella and two adults ran around looking for eggs in our garden! So much fun! I will do another hunt next year. Maybe buy even more eggs. Maybe bigger ones. These were so small!

I’ve used Crate Papper Little you and Maggie Holmes – Bloom for this page! I love the cute animals in Little you! But a lot of things in that collection are very baby-ish! That’s sad! Hope they will release a new collection soon. A collection similar to their Notes & Things! No more themes! 😀

My favorite decorations are plus signs. They fit everywhere! These are from the thicker sheet.

Ida RosbergIda Rosberg Ida Rosberg Ida Rosberg Ida RosbergXOXO


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