I love it when different parts of my life gives inspiration to other parts… I love paper and have been watching all the news from CHA. I totally love the three collections from Crate Paper… I especially like the collection “Journey”… But I felt a bit sad when I realized I would have trouble using all the things in it. I’m not planning any journeys… not in the US… not to any Indians in tepees…


And then came the new catalog with fabrics (from my favorite fabric shop)… and what do they have??!?!?! A pattern for a teepee… for kids… to the living room or the garden! So in the summer… we will have teepees in the garden and I will be able to use a lot of the journey collection… 😀Capture5

It is also funny how similar paper and fabric are. I have seen a lot of new fabrics with similar design as some of the new papers. Perfect! That means my daughter’s clothes and the new papers will match! 😛Capture7Capture6

Not the best example… but my favorite paper from Amy Tangerines new collection and a fabric from Stoff og Stil.

Funny isn’t it!



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