Stuck in my own process…

I have worked with my project life albums for years now…. and I have my process. I want it to be easy and quick. And it is! I can make a spread really fast now. One hour if I have the photos and some text. But now it feels like all the spreads look the same!

I always use almost the same elements and it’s starting to feel too easy. Even though I have tried to change things – I have photos with a white borders, different photo pockets and I use 12*12-papers instead of PL-cards…

What can I do?????

So I have decided to make a list of elements and techniques I never use… and try to use them so much they also becomes too easy…

Here is the list:

  • Mist (messy ink and mist) – I think it is hard to make mist look pretty…
  • Thickers and alphas – to use in titles and not just week numbers
  • Hand made die cuts – I have a silhouette cameo… and I never use it for PL… crazy!
  • Pinterest inspiration pictures – it would be fun to be able to just take a color scheme from pinterest and use it. But I often play it safe and use color combinations I know works.

What do you want to use but never do? Are you also afraid of mist?



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