I like to look at new collections and guess trends… not long ago I got an enormous craving after the gem form. The diamond shape. And silver… did you hear me when I talked about silver?

… silver is coming!

And the diamond shape is exploding!!!!! It is everywhere… AND I LOVE IT!

My favorite collection right now is Open Book from Maggie Holmes. I just the love flowers, the dear head and all the modern vintage details!

But other collections also gets my attention… recently I ordered some of the papers of the collection Stitched from Amy Tangerine. At first. I didn’t like her collection at all… but her gray papers… wow! I love them!

68950 68954









An other collection I really like is the Bella Rouge from Pink Paislee. The collection contains diamonds. gray papers and silver! The three elements I think is going to be THE next thing! 369162_PP_BellaRouge_Diamond

Sooo… the trends I’m seeing is diamonds and silver… grey together with pinks and yellows! I also think that papers in black and white will be more common.

What do you think? What do you love right now?


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